Who is Drag0nista?

Photo: Mike Bowers

Photo: Mike Bowers

Drag0nista is the name I use to tweet and blog. In real life I’m known as Paula Matthewson.

I’ve worked in and around politics for over 30 years, including four years as a Liberal media adviser in 1989-93. Since then I’ve undertaken no paid or volunteer work for the Liberal Party, nor have I ever been a member.

I don’t support any political party and I don’t vote.

I work for myself as a freelance corporate writer. To avoid any real or implied conflict of interest I don’t tweet, blog or comment on issues that directly involve my clients or projects.

My views are my own and not defined by any past or present employers. I’ve worked for the Australian Coal Association as well as the Department of Climate Change on the Clean Energy Future campaign. My most recent projects have been associated with renewable energy technologies and educating the community on climate change.

You can view my employment history here and a current client list can be provided on request.

I write weekly for The Hoopla and The Drum, and monthly for The Kings Tribune. I also have had pieces published by The New Daily, The_Brief, Guardian Australia, SBS Comment & Analysis and Crikey.

I also curate the No Crap App and am founder and editor of the federal election group blog, AusVotes 2013 which is now called AusOpinion.