Scott Morrison a beacon of hope and danger for PM

Whatever the end-game may be, the social services portfolio is strengthening Morrison’s hand. If the Minister can transform the public’s vitriolic opposition to the welfare reform agenda to acceptance, even if it is begrudging, and change the tenor of the reform debate, he will become 10 times the Liberal hero he was after “stopping” the boats.

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Abbott’s flagging fortunes on full, proud display


Image: Kiera Gorden, Twitter

There is one thing the Prime Minister’s speech on national security this week will be remembered for, and it won’t be the speech.

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Can Abbott survive his war on terror?

Abbott’s war on terror has bought his leadership some extra time. But will Muslim leaders’ reaction mean it’s the beginning of the end?

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So much for a more ‘consultative’ PM

Drum_newDespite promising to be more consultative after the non-coup two weeks ago, Tony Abbott is still making poor unilateral decisions and statements that are chipping away at his authority, writes Paula Matthewson.

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Abbott declares “War on Doubt”

We already know Prime Minister Tony Abbott is not one for subtlety. And that desperate times call for desperate measures. But the PM’s declaration last weekend of a “war on doubt” took unashamed manipulation of the Australian public to a whole new level.

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Danger lurks ahead for superstar PMs in waiting

Malcolm Turnbull’s popularity may get him into the Lodge, but it could also destroy him. There is one very recent example he would do well to remember.

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Turnbull: too left to be right for the Liberals?

Drum_newThere’s more than just Tony Abbott standing between Malcolm Turnbull and the PM title. If he wants the top job he’ll need to contend with the Liberals’ hard-right faction – and time is running out.

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Abbott’s leadership still on the line

Until Abbott accepts that at the heart of his government’s woes is a reform agenda seen as misguided and unfair, his prime ministership remains in peril.

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The Liberal rebellion is far from over

Drum_newWith Abbott’s blood now in the water, an off-the-radar battle is taking place between the right-wing conservatives and the moderates in the Liberal Party.

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Trigger-happy chatter does not make a spill

Drum_newDespite public chatter from backbenchers calling for a leadership spill, there will be no change at the top until the ministry breaks ranks and unites behind a single challenger to Tony Abbott.

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