ABC cuts: Controlling the Bleeding

If Mark Scott is able to maintain the ABC’s support through its digital presence over the next two years, while successfully laying blame for the closure of regional offices and rural programs at the Coalition’s feet, pro-ABC policies could be a deciding factor in the election, particularly among Australia’s highly contested rural electorates. Weekly column for The Hoopla (3 free reads each month).

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Abbott’s image: an everyman for the every day voter

We don’t have to go any further than the ubiquitous fluro vest for confirmation that image is as important to Tony Abbott’s election prospects as it is to Julia Gillard’s. The Opposition Leader’s man-of-the-people persona is as strategically fabricated as Julia Gillard’s portrayal of the strong, compassionate protector. On Monday night, in the first instalment of Lateline’s feature on political image, we saw […]

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Not Leigh Sales’ job to save Labor

Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 12.02.27 AM

I’ve written before that Twitter has become an unexpected school of politics, providing a unique forum for people with less knowledge of our civic processes to learn from those with more. When those discussions are taking place, Twitter is vibrant and all-embracing democracy at its best. Well, Wednesday night was NOT one of those times. Over a particular 24 hour […]

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Boston news coverage – first is not best


Here’s my latest at AusVotes 2013… Modern journalism is impoverished by the anachronistic need to be first. Once upon a time, in the pre-internet days of the mechanical printing press and morning edition newspapers, there was real value in getting a story first. A scoop, leak or exclusive wasn’t just about journalistic cachet, it was about cold hard cash. Being […]

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