Iraq: troops stay, media kept out

Obama’s doing it. So’s Abbott. Repackaging their PR as “news” to avoid media scrutiny.

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Abbott has six months to get it right

Drum_newIt’s too early to tell whether Abbott will make it through 2015 as Prime Minister but there are three – maybe four – upcoming tests of his survival.

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Dragon’s Diary: Too much of a good thing?


I’ve read a lot of posts over the past couple of weeks in which friends have reflected on 2014. For most of them it has been a pretty shitty year.

I feel somewhat guilty and very humble because the year has been good to me, particularly professionally.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in recent years it’s to be thankful for the good things in life.

And so I’d like to acknowledge 2014 as a good year, and recognise the people who made it that way. This is me, giving thanks for 2014…

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Will 2015 see the rise or fall of crossbenchers?

Whether one chooses to call the current state of play democracy or its warped and shadowy cousin, something in Australian politics will have to give in 2015: either the Government’s hardline approach to economic reform, Labor and the Greens’ equally uncompromising style, or the crossbenchers’ hold on the balance of power. 

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Julie Bishop for PM? Unlikely

Nobody can fault her performance, but Julie Bishop’s ascension to prime minister is easier said than done.

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Our second “woman of merit”

In a world of cookie-cutter politicians with little real life experience before entering parliament, new Health Minister Sussan Ley stands apart from the rest.

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Ministry reshuffle built on paranoia not progress

Abbott’s reshuffle may superficially appear to be a reset in preparation for 2015, but in reality it is more about the PM’s paranoia and tenuous leadership than it is about his Government’s rejuvenation.

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Four seasons: the year in federal politics

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 6.06.06 pmRevisit the political year that kept the climate of our national parliament intemperate, even while the seasons changed outside.

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MYEFO: why we should care

Having fulfilled its obligation to produce the MYEFO, and reached a shared understanding with economic and other commentators about the state of the budget, the Government must now set about the task of crafting its second budget.

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Why the Prime Minister’s Peta Problem is not going away

She may be Abbott’s fiercest ally but is Peta Credlin doing him more harm than good?

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