Like it or not: everything is politics

Like it or not: Everything is politics. Weekly column for ABC The Drum.

By ignoring sexism we abandon Rosie Batty

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 2.13.31 pmBy ignoring¬†sexism we abandon Rosie Batty. This week’s column for The Hoopla.



I mention in this post the Parliamentarians Against Family Violence group co-convened by Tim Watts MP. Here are the speeches given at the launch of the group.

Labor misreads the politics of ebola

Labor misreads the politics of ebola. Weekly column for The Drum.

The questionable loyalty of Anthony Albanese

The-Guardian-logoThe questionable loyalty of Anthony Albanese. For Guardian Australia.

Abbott: The brawler lurks beneath

Abbott: The brawler lurks beneath. Weekly column for The Hoopla

Conservatives also face sexism – yes, really

Conservatives also face sexism – yes, really. Weekly column for The Drum.

Who, Hockey? Panic?

Who, Hockey? Panic? Weekly column for The Hoopla.

Julie Bishop: right woman, wrong time

Julie Bishop: right woman, wrong time. Weekly column for The Drum.

The inconvenience of asylum seekers

The inconvenience of asylum seekers. Weekly post for The Hoopla.

How we’re exploiting the terrorism threat

How we’re exploiting the terrorism threat. Weekly column for The Drum.

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