The Liberal rebellion is far from over

Drum_newWith Abbott’s blood now in the water, an off-the-radar battle is taking place between the right-wing conservatives and the moderates in the Liberal Party.

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Trigger-happy chatter does not make a spill

Drum_newDespite public chatter from backbenchers calling for a leadership spill, there will be no change at the top until the ministry breaks ranks and unites behind a single challenger to Tony Abbott.

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Abbott. Strong … or just plain stubborn?

Despite renewed promises to consult with colleagues and listen to voters, the address by Prime Minister Tony Abbott to the National Press Club was an affirmation of his government’s reform agenda more than willingness to reform himself.

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Without change, Abbott’s a dead man walking

Drum_newTony Abbott’s long-awaited address to the National Press Club today has become much more about his own survival than a rebalancing of his Government’s wobbly electoral prospects.

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Forces massing against Abbott and Credlin

Powerful players both inside and outside the government are gunning for the PM’s top adviser. But have they got the wrong person in their sights?

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Abbott: bad as Gillard, mad as Rudd?

Does Tony Abbott combine Gillard’s bad political judgement with Rudd’s madness?

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Abbott navigates his crucial “year of reform”

Drum_newTony Abbott would be crazy-brave and bordering on foolish to take proposals to expand the GST and change workplace relations laws to the next election.

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Voters forgive leadership change, but not disunity

Drum_newDespite Tony Abbott’s protestations to the contrary, there is no golden rule in Australian politics damning a governing party that changes leaders mid-stream to eternal political opprobrium.

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Why Nick Xenophon is the most powerful man in Australia

Nick Xenophon has emerged as the go-to man for striking a deal with the Senate crossbench.

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A three-point plan to get Abbott back on track

Running a government isn’t meant to be easy. It necessarily involves protecting and maintaining the well-being of millions while responsibly managing a budget of billions. And like some prime ministers before him, Abbott has been judged by voters as not having done a particularly sterling job in the first year of running his.

Like those predecessors, Abbott still has time to turn things around. But it will take him tapping into qualities that we have not yet seen present in the man.

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