The one election promise they’ve kept. 2nd post this week for The Hoopla.

The new three-word slogan. Weekly post for The Hoopla.

Shorten must break the union stranglehold. Weekly column for The Drum.

Parties prepare arsenal for jobs war. Weekly column for The Drum.

Like a criminal in the dock: there’s no other way to describe how Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey appeared at his press conference today, delivering the Coalition’s long-awaited policy costings.

Here’s my take for Guardian Australia on last night’s Peoples’ Forum at Rooty Hill RSL Club and Kevin Rudd’s strategy to shorten Tony Abbott’s lead on economic competency.

I’m thrilled to have been offered a weekly column at ABC’s The Drum during the federal election campaign. Here’s the first piece, in which I look at Rudd and Abbott’s first election speeches and divine what they suggest are the main drivers for this election.

Here’s my latest piece for the King’s Tribune… There’s an old fashioned quality that might be creeping back into Australian federal politics. I say old fashioned because you don’t hear it mentioned much these days. But I think it may well be the deciding factor in next year’s federal election. I’m referring to respect. You […]

Australians have witnessed considerable rewriting of the political rulebook over the past decade. Mark Latham ran an unconventionally hokey campaign in 2004 that almost got him elected. He focussed on populist issues such as MPs’ superannuation and reading to children, when the rulebook says that oppositions should stick to the big policy issues like the […]