Quentin Bryce: a model of even-handedness. A post for Guardian Australia.

Do feminists want equality for women or not? If they do, then they need to accept that any person who holds the office of Prime Minister will sometimes be described in extremely offensive terms. Honestly, is calling John Howard a cunt any less offensive than calling Julia Gillard a cow? Is the placard wielded at […]

Here’s my debut piece for the online news and magazine site The Hoopla, in which I argue that the rants about pink lego are a load of rot. Enjoy :-)

Women around the world are participating in #slutwalk to reclaim the “derogatory” word and the right to dress however they wish, whenever they wish. These women are incensed by a Canadian policeman who candidly opined that women should not to dress like sluts if they want to avoid being the victims of sexual assault. These […]