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My very first weekly column for ABC’s The Drum.

After four years of watching the Rudd and Gillard governments do it so badly, it’s morbidly fascinating to see the Abbott Government play a particularly high-stakes expectations game with the Australian public.

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Considered the holiest of numbers by Christians and Wiccans alike, the number three has eerily presided over our past political year. From people to politics and policies, the rule of three was ubiquitous.

Paul Keating doesn’t deserve our adoration any more than John Howard or Julia Gillard. He wasn’t a matinee idol or rock god but a national leader with razor sharp mind, an acerbic tongue and a mixed record of achievements.

This post is in part a response to Ed Butler’s thoughtful piece on #knittinggate over at AusVotes 2013, and in part a more coherent (I hope) explanation of my rant today on Twitter about That Photo. It also echoes a comment I left on Amy Gray’s related (and incidentally fabulous) post over on Guardian Australia’s […]