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Ignore, deny, reframe – but never, ever fess up. Latest post for ABC’s The Drum.

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After four years of watching the Rudd and Gillard governments do it so badly, it’s morbidly fascinating to see the Abbott Government play a particularly high-stakes expectations game with the Australian public.


Considered the holiest of numbers by Christians and Wiccans alike, the number three has eerily presided over our past political year. From people to politics and policies, the rule of three was ubiquitous.

Wobbling trainer wheels, name-calling, and testing the limits of the yard duty teacher were all on show for the first working day of the new parliament, ending with a spectacular dummy spit – and tears – later in the day.

Here’s my take for Guardian Australia on last night’s Peoples’ Forum at Rooty Hill RSL Club and Kevin Rudd’s strategy to shorten Tony Abbott’s lead on economic competency.

Here’s a post I wrote today for Guardian Australia on Tony Abbott’s “does this man ever shut up?” comment about Kevin Rudd last night at the Peoples’ Forum. By my reckoning it was more strategy than stuff up.

It was the first time my attention had been drawn to the careful positioning of Rudd’s support for same sex marriage. It was the first time I realised his support was not unequivocal. He gives the churches a free pass.

In my post for The Drum this week I’ve looked at the Leaders’ Debate. In the broader scheme of things, last night’s Leaders’ Debate will unlikely have much impact on the final outcome of this federal election. For many disengaged voters, not yet fully aware the election campaign is now upon us, the televised event may […]