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Once the election was over, and Rudd despatched, it became quickly clear that the reforms could not quietly be reversed by Caucus. Labor MPs were left holding the Democracy Baby, and decided to make the best of it.

Kym Smith, Aust 16 Sep 2013

Like so many of Kevin Rudd’s other hare-brained initiatives, this one must have been a good idea at the time.

How can anyone take a benign interpretation from Kevin Rudd’s interview on 730 last night? If Rudd’s genuine intention was to extinguish the smoking embers of his supporters’ expectations, why insist on grandstanding for half the interview on matters relating to China and the US? What on earth does the former Prime Minister and Foreign Minister’s views on Sino-American […]

Following my post on the leadership spill that might or might not be on, readers have been requesting that I write a piece to explain what actually transpired with the leadership spill that almost was. And so I have! You can find the post over at AusVotes 2013.

That’s the problem with leadership challenges: they’re not on until they’re on. The twice-spurned-but-hopes-to-be-vindicated-Prime Minister-in-waiting, Kevin Rudd, won’t declare his hand until he has the numbers. And right now it appears that he does not have them. That’s the reason for the flurries of speculation we’re seeing in the media. Rudd supporters are using every […]