Scott Morrison a beacon of hope and danger for PM

Whatever the end-game may be, the social services portfolio is strengthening Morrison’s hand. If the Minister can transform the public’s vitriolic opposition to the welfare reform agenda to acceptance, even if it is begrudging, and change the tenor of the reform debate, he will become 10 times the Liberal hero he was after “stopping” the boats.

Analysis for The New Daily.

Turnbull: too left to be right for the Liberals?

Drum_newThere’s more than just Tony Abbott standing between Malcolm Turnbull and the PM title. If he wants the top job he’ll need to contend with the Liberals’ hard-right faction – and time is running out.

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Abbott’s leadership still on the line

Until Abbott accepts that at the heart of his government’s woes is a reform agenda seen as misguided and unfair, his prime ministership remains in peril.

Article for The Hoopla.

The Liberal rebellion is far from over

Drum_newWith Abbott’s blood now in the water, an off-the-radar battle is taking place between the right-wing conservatives and the moderates in the Liberal Party.

Weekly column for The Drum.

Without change, Abbott’s a dead man walking

Drum_newTony Abbott’s long-awaited address to the National Press Club today has become much more about his own survival than a rebalancing of his Government’s wobbly electoral prospects.

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Forces massing against Abbott and Credlin

Powerful players both inside and outside the government are gunning for the PM’s top adviser. But have they got the wrong person in their sights?

Article for The New Daily.

Voters forgive leadership change, but not disunity

Drum_newDespite Tony Abbott’s protestations to the contrary, there is no golden rule in Australian politics damning a governing party that changes leaders mid-stream to eternal political opprobrium.

Column for The Drum.

The questionable loyalty of Anthony Albanese

The-Guardian-logoThe questionable loyalty of Anthony Albanese. For Guardian Australia.

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