Pseudonymity and conflict of interest

So, the usual parties have emerged accusing me of having a conflict of interest while using a pseudonym.

Those people either do not pay attention, or do not care to.

I have always been clear about the rules by which I operate, to avoid conflict of interest. That is, to not tweet or blog about the issues that I deal with at work. It’s a simple rule and it seems to work.

Nevertheless, there are those who are trawling over my LinkedIn account, and this blog, to see if I am true to my word.

To save them the trouble, here are my blog posts listed according to the jobs that I held at the time they were written.

CEO CropLife Australia (til June 2010)

  1. Nirvana Revisted
  2. Who’s the demon?
  3. Political private lives CAN be a public issue
  4. Democracy, by-lines and the cult of celebrity
  5. Conned or captured? Voter sentiment and Rudd’s demise
  6. We are ashamed but must accept that politics eats its young

Self-employed contractor: professional writer (July – Sept 2010)

  1. In defence of Tony Burke’s tweets
  2. Time to throw out the astroturf and step forward
  3. Symbolism or substance: Will a decarbonised Australian economy fix climate change?
  4. Julia’s tenet – no government has ever fallen to a bored citizenry
  5. Nielson poll – wakeup call for protest voters, not Gillard
  6. Don’t mistake the organ-grinder for the lion-tamer: the media and the 2010 federal election
  7. Refuse the election media spoonfeed and make up your own mind!
  8. A kinder, gentler legislative log-jam
  9. Surprise, surprise, The Australian censors criticism of faux Harry Jenkins expose
  10. I’m sick of running the gauntlet of smiling harassers

Home Insulation Safety Program (Oct 2010 – April 2011)

  1. New media prejudice based on fear of the unknown
  2. 4 Corners “The Deal” more like Jersey Shore than documentary
  3. Not all spin doctors use their power for evil
  4. Hate mail may drown out real learnings from Howard years
  5. Autism badly served by “Communication Shutdown”
  6. Tastings from the 2010 political buffet
  7. Whether you like it or not – looks do matter in politics
  8. New ABC social media role an empty gesture
  9. My heartfelt thanks to a few
  10. Time to demand better behaviour from our sporting heroes
  11. Gerry Harvey: How did it all go so wrong?
  12. Abbott’s holiday is a political misjudgement
  13. I am the greenhouse culprit! And so are you
  14. A salutary tale for the Australian Greens
  15. Mirror, mirror on the wall: what do flood speeches say about us all?
  16. Has the flood levy damaged the carbon price?
  17. Shit happens: What should Abbot have done?
  18. Clive Hamilton – an out of touch eco-warrior
  19. Voters don’t care about political lies
  20. Faux environmentalism
  21. How to sell a carbon tax
  22. Give up on the game of Extreme Rhetoric – Let’s talk instead
  23. Prime Ministerial half-truths will not save the planet
  24. Reports of Labor’s death are greatly exaggerated
  25. Can the Greens step down from their pedestal now?
  26. Love to hate, but don’t love the haters
  27. Ellis and Hamilton – defrocked priests muttering on the edge
  28. Ad campaigns are the last resort of failed lobbyists
  29. Leadership is True North for our political compasses

Department of Climate Change (May 2011 – Oct 2011)

  1. #Slutwalk will not show our daughters how to get respect
  2. Better political reporting is the key to better politics
  3. The Power Index: peddling influence or impoverished ideas?
  4. Abbott in a Zegna suit?
  5. Is the tide turning for Tony Abbott?
  6. Do you really know when they’re faking it?

Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (Nov 2011 – present)

  1. Less smirk, more political analysis please
  2. Lego’s not as pink as you think
  3. Have the Greens peaked already?

Author: Drag0nista

Political columnist at The New Daily | Editor of Despatches & AusVotes 2019 | Author of On Merit, a book on the Liberals' *women problem*. Former Liberal staffer and industry lobbyist. Studying the entrails of federal politics since 1989.

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