No ifs or buts – it’s not okay to flirt at work

Here’s my latest piece for The King’s Tribune…

Every now and then, some well-meaning pop-psychologist or otherwise knob-end decides it would be jolly good to assure women that it’s okay to flirt at work. Each time they do, I want to slam my head against the nearest ergonomically-enhanced workspace.

Just last month, a female writer in one of the local broadsheets exhorted women to “simultaneously be a feminist and a flirt” to succeed in business. She tittered that the economic benefits far outweigh the disapproval of the sisterhood because a recent study by the London School of Economics found the use of feminine wiles improves one’s prospects of brokering success by up to a third.

FFS. This psychobabble is like encouraging a woman to promote her wood-chopping skills by lopping the tree branch she happens to be standing upon. Nothing has more potential to undermine the endeavours of women to achieve workplace equality than to turn the office into a local hangout for

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Author: Drag0nista

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2 thoughts on “No ifs or buts – it’s not okay to flirt at work”

  1. It made me wonder if [a] the writer of the article who approves of proceeding up the business ladder by flirting would change her [or his] mind if they lost their promotion to a better flirt who’s less competent at the job and [b] whether they’ve ever heard of the casting couch and the hideous problems jumping on to it causes.

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