Rudd the Contender

Here’s my latest piece for The King’s Tribune…

It started as a tiny whisper, keening like a solitary mosquito as I listened to Kevin’s I’m a contender speech before the leadership vote.

“People want a real choice at this election,” said Kevin. “People are genuinely fearful of what Mr Abbott could do to them,” he said.

And the whispery voice inside my head said, “Choice, yes; fearful of Abbott, yes.

“Maybe Kevin can actually pull this off.”

Then Kevin declared war on property developers and Sussex Street spivs, making flamboyant hacking-off gestures in the general direction of the offending limb as he tried to head off ICAC’s inevitable amputation verdict.

As tabloids in print, radio and television heralded this first Rudd review in the inevitable second wave of such considered examinations (but not very much action), the whisper was replaced with a murmur: “That’s clever,” it said. “Possibly smoke and mirrors. But it could save a few Labor seats in NSW.

“Can Kevin actually make Labor competitive again?”

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