Can Labor afford another leadership stoush?

Like so many of Kevin Rudd’s other hare-brained initiatives, this one must have been a good idea at the time.

Like so many of Kevin Rudd’s other hare-brained initiatives, this one must have been a good idea at the time.

The thinking may well have been that by changing the rules for electing the parliamentary leader to incorporate the popular vote from party members, Rudd could capitalise on his broader public support in the face of any future caucus antipathy.

The move was audacious at the time of announcement: in a single move the re-invented Prime Minister bolstered Fortress Rudd while giving disaffected Labor Party members and wavering supporters a reason to stay.

Much was made of Rudd’s democratisation of the party but – in perhaps the strongest sign that Kevin truly believed he would win the election and a leadership vote would be redundant – it seems little thought was given to how it would work in practice. The warm inner glow generated by the reform has dissipated in the dark days since the poll.

Now the party’s National Executive appears to be making up the rules as it goes along.

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Author: Drag0nista

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2 thoughts on “Can Labor afford another leadership stoush?”

  1. How is the democratisation of the party and empowerment of the rank and file a stouch? Labor needs a leader and needs to be rebuilt to connect to the core values that built Labor. Division within the party is the core of its own dysfunction. There is a buzz within the party faithful at the prospect of Albo because he connects to the grass roots of the party. I would argue as a party reformist that my Party cannot afford to have this contest as it represents rejuvenation.

  2. Damm phone!
    Labor dysfunctionality is contagious, 🙁 .. cannot afford “not” to have this contest..

    Albo would be a good start at a clean sweep. Rudd should just leave the party for the greater good. The ALP need to cut out the rot and ICAC Obied denial (I Can’t Accept Corruption). Maybe put Carrs serial branch stacking henchman and the architect of leadership treachery Arbib to ICAC for that townhouse in Maroubra from Moses Obied along with Rosendill. Block factional voting in caucus has destroyed the Labor party as it has stopped listening to its members, preferring to choose populous polls over policy.

    You can’t govern a nation when you can’t govern yourself.

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