Keating, neither matinee idol nor rock god

Paul Keating doesn’t deserve our adoration any more than John Howard or Julia Gillard. He wasn’t a matinee idol or rock god but a national leader with razor sharp mind, an acerbic tongue and a mixed record of achievements.

Keating, neither matinee idol nor rock god. A post for SBS Comment and Analysis.

Author: Drag0nista

Political columnist at The New Daily | Editor of Despatches & AusVotes 2019 | Author of On Merit, a book on the Liberals' *women problem*. Former Liberal staffer and industry lobbyist. Studying the entrails of federal politics since 1989.

3 thoughts on “Keating, neither matinee idol nor rock god”

      1. The ABC show is compelling and I feel very honest. In contrast to leaders befor and after him he sets a very high bar of achievement. I chuckle when the Liberals roll out Costello and herald him as a hero of great economic will, when in terms of legacy analysis was nothing more than the book keeper at a fire sale. PJ Keating is a humble man, but he is humbled by the likes of Debussy beyond the mark of his peers. All great souls are flawed for that is the safety valve for the might of the great power they aspire to contain.

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