Gonski: Will Pyne get away with it? Regular post for The Hoopla.

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  1. Indeed, drag0nista: I am the most worried by the Opposition’s lack of PRESENCE. I endorse heartily what you recommend, and could only wish that there were a way of getting through to Shorten and the team on this. MAKE THE BASTARDS READ BLOGS!!!


  2. M.R. If you think that the Opposition is lacking in presence, you are wrong. What they learned whilst being in power was that the MSM ignored them & still do to a point. So instead I would say that as this is still happening the Opposition doesn’t have to do make their presence felt because TA & his mob are doing an alright job of getting their shocking messages, backflips & lies out to the general public without any help from the ALP.


  3. ‘Gonski: Will Pyne get away with it?’

    Obviously not,as it happens.


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