Women at work (and in politics)

A quick post on the panel discussion on Women at Work that I shared with some seriously impressive women at The Wheeler Centre.

The Fifth Estate, at The Wheeler Centre
At The Wheeler Centre

A fortnight ago I was surprised (and seriously chuffed) by an invitation from The Wheeler Centre to participate in a panel discussion on women at work and in politics.

Facilitated by the tremendous Sally Warhaft (anthropologist, broadcaster and editor), the panel also included former Liberal Senator Judith Troeth and Victorian State Labor MP, Danielle Green.

I was proud to share the stage with these three seriously impressive women.

The event took place on Tuesday this week and it was amazing. Around 150 women and men braved an atrociously wet Melbourne evening to listen to the panel and ask questions. We tackled a range of matters including the question of women having ‘merit’ in the Liberal Party, Julia Gillard’s misogyny speech and whether she played the ‘gender card’, and the hard edge of life in politics.

If you’d like to hear what we had to say, the podcast is now available. The event was part of The Wheeler Centre’s fortnightly Fifth Estate series. If you’re based in Melbourne, be sure to check them out. (P.S. The events are free.)




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