Dragon on The Drum

Last night I went on The Drum for the very first time!

Last night I participated in the panel discussion on ABC TV’s The Drum. It was a load of fun and much less nerve-wracking than I feared!

We discussed the new NSW Premier Mike Baird and ICAC, workers over 60 getting into the APS, the Australia Network getting access to China and, yes, the Royals.

Here it is if you’d like to take a peek.

Author: Drag0nista

Political columnist at The New Daily | Editor of Despatches & AusVotes 2019 | Author of On Merit, a book on the Liberals' *women problem*. Former Liberal staffer and industry lobbyist. Studying the entrails of federal politics since 1989.

4 thoughts on “Dragon on The Drum”

  1. You seemed very relaxed for your first time, I must say. And it was good to finally put a face and voice to Drag0nista.

  2. Congratulations Paula
    I wondered how long it would be before we saw you on the Drum

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