Why the PM’s overseas mission was a PR failure

Abbott’s deliberate or accidental shunning of South Australia for Iraq at a time of heightened community anxiety has exacerbated his credibility problem.

Article for The New Daily.

Author: Drag0nista

Political columnist at The New Daily | Editor of Despatches & AusVotes 2019 | Author of On Merit, a book on the Liberals' *women problem*. Former Liberal staffer and industry lobbyist. Studying the entrails of federal politics since 1989.

One thought on “Why the PM’s overseas mission was a PR failure”

  1. A very perceptive column Paula. As a South Aussie TA has been conspicuous by his absence in SA during #safires, & Victoria too to a lesser extent. Comments on Twitter and in my workplace support the feeling that because it’s an ALP State Govt we don’t matter, don’t count, that’s not good.

    He’s done himself no favours as you’ve pointed out and we’re left with a “serves you right” impression. Oh well I guess these things “come out in the wash” so to speak. I must commend Jay Weatherill’s handling of emergency here, but that’s not to say that Steven Marshall would not have handled it equally as well.

    Thanks for writing about SA, appreciated.


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