You may have heard that The Drum website has been axed. I have been moving my posts from The Drum to my own blog so that I don’t lose them. I didn’t realise you were receiving an email each time I did.

So I am very sorry for the blizzard. It will be over soon.


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  1. Don’t worry about the blizzard. I am very angry that The Drum has been axed. So much for the value of competition. A whinge from Crikey seems to have swung the decision. If I hadn’t just renewed my subscription I would have dropped it.


  2. No problem. Hope you get them all off before the vandals press the switch.

    Bob Smith


  3. It’s been interesting to revisit them ☺. Terrible news about The Drum website; an absolute travesty.



  4. Don’t fret. It has given me the chance to file them. Joan. xxx


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