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  1. A similar issue splitting the Labor Cabinet is the Chinese-government backed ASF Consortium’s proposal for a massive high rise casino complex on the Southport Spit. Given that the area that Palazczuk wants to give the Consortium is public land zoned 3 storeys, 70 % of those surveyed in a recent Reachtel poll, this is a deeply decisive issue. The Premier’s faction believes they have nothing to lose, and that there will be significant job creation. They fail to realise that thousands of voters from marginal seats south of Brisbane are frequent visitors to The Spit for surfing, diving, dog walking, boating and do on. One Nation have vowed to oppose the development, the LNP support a master plan–only the Premier and her faction are in favour of it–plus the Gold Coast’s ‘develop at all costs’ mayor, Tom Tate. Expect to see a Get Up-like campaign in marginal seats. Like Adani, this could be an election decider.


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