What’s really behind the pro-coal Monash Forum

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Author: Drag0nista

Political columnist at The New Daily | Editor of Despatches & AusVotes 2019 | Author of On Merit, a book on the Liberals' *women problem*. Former Liberal staffer and industry lobbyist. Studying the entrails of federal politics since 1989.

3 thoughts on “What’s really behind the pro-coal Monash Forum”

  1. Dragonista

    Good advice, of course. always welcome.

    In this case, however, the data on your link concerns a specific project in Colorado, USA.

    Suggest you take a closer look at the subsidies we poor taxpayers here pay to fund the government’s RE dreams.. What is it? $4 billion a year?

    Never mind. All in a good cause: changing Australia’s climate/weather in 10,20 or 30+ years.


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