After an eight-week campaign it’s understandable if you have switched off. Here’s how you can catch up before making the big decision.


The opposition’s efforts to pitch every policy debate as a battle between “us and them” may not have galvanised voter support in the way Labor wished.

Drum 27 June 2016

Malcolm Turnbull’s campaign speech confronted the challenges that Labor or a hung parliament pose, but it’s the spectre of Tony Abbott that could prove to be his greatest political battle.

Drum 20 June 2016

Labor Leader Bill Shorten’s election “launch” speech was a rally-cry for party faithful, but it also took a turn towards another scare campaign that just made the party look desperate.


Only 30 per cent of members of the Australian Parliament are women and that’s just not good enough.

Malcolm Turnbull’s decision to preference Labor ahead of the Greens helps his campaign to undermine the minor parties, but it also suggests Coalition strategists are increasingly confident they have the election in the bag.

With nearly a third of people expected to cast their vote before election day, campaign strategists are tweaking their messages now and giving us an insight into what is biting in marginal seats.


Gotcha journalism is, in large part, responsible for politicians not being allowed to utter a single unscripted word.

Everything you need to know about Bill Shorten’s campaign and how it will affect you.

Where was the former barrister who could hold forth in Parliament so well? Or the former union leader, whose stump speeches could rally the troops? Instead we got safe and stilted talking points.