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Australian mines – powered by the sun

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Stop ‘left-splaining’ feminism to Julie Bishop (ABC News)

Does Turnbull get what women really want (Australian Women’s Weekly)

Why we need a quota for women in parliament (Australian Women’s Weekly)

Keating, neither matinee idol nor rock god (SBS News)

Jacqui Lambie has drawn out Clive Palmer’s bullying and diminished his power (Guardian Australia)

Sexism isn’t any less abhorrent when it’s directed at right-wing women (Women’s Agenda)

Women – are they being assertive or aggressive? (Women’s Agenda)

The real reason women of the right will never call themselves feminists (Women’s Agenda)


Evolution v revolution: Possible futures of the electricity system

Keynote to Solar 2014

Keynote to All Energy 2013

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