Pretty much anything that could go wrong for our hapless Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull this year has already gone dramatically pear-shaped.

If there was any doubt the Liberal Party’s conservatives had decided to run amok in the lead up to the release of the Turnbull government’s key economic report card on Monday, one needed to look no further than their pin-up boy George Christensen. (Image: @ellinghausen)

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It’s likely no-one would have predicted the Greens would be the ones to outsmart not only the Government and Opposition but also the try-hards on the Senate crossbench by getting the highest media profile.

It would be all too easy to dismiss the Immigration Minister as a buffoon and a fool. But to do so would be a mistake.

It’s barely two weeks since the Great Protectionist Donald Trump was elected as US President, and already the major parties in Australia have fallen into step by throwing up the barricades to establish Fortress Australia.

The biggest question mark of the week hangs over Australia’s populist conservatives who’ve been emboldened by the angry white wave of disgruntlement that swept Donald Trump into office.

If there was a theme running through the shambles that was politics this past week, it was self-delusion.

The next few weeks are absolutely critical for political players – they need to lodge their preferred perception in the minds of Australian voters before the nation knocks off for the long break.