Pineapple wars

It began as an innocent debate about whether pineapple was a legitimate pizza topping. Now it is an international altercation: Pineapple Wars.

Take a side if you dare. Let me know in the comments if you’d like to be included in the #teampineapple honour roll.

And if you are asking “why pineapple?” then read this about the spiky bliss fruit (courtesy of the Team Pineapple Bard @PatrickLenton).

Honour roll
Drag0nista, Team Leader
Richard Tuffin
Thomas Watson
Zack Spitzer
Ms Hermes
Wolf Cocklin
Carol Duncan
Pierre Bezuhov
Dee Madigan
MsPraxis’ hubby
Mat Kertesz

Pineapple hit list (These ppl will find pineapple heads in their beds come the revolution)
Miss Kylie

18 thoughts on “Pineapple wars

  1. Try this for a laugh…

    Ring the Pizza Hut Call Centre.

    Ask for a Ham and Pineapple Mia Pizza…

    Twice now we’ve done this, and they’ve said:

    “We don’t make Ham and Pineapple Mia Pizzas, but would you like a Ham Mia Pizza with extra Pineapple?? ”

    My daughters and I fell about laughing for an hour after the first time this happened.

    As a result, my eldest daughter and I often greet each other thusly…



    1. I worked at that call centre for 2 1/2 years. They *have* to say it that way so you know you’re getting charged an extra dollar for the pineapple. Yes, there ARE people who are willing to argue about the extra dollar. *shudder*

      Also, I claim membership in #TeamPineapple !


  2. Abomination,

    A savory pizza is a collection of individually distinct items each with it’s own singularly distinctive characteristic – a gestalt of the hierarchy of palatal experience.

    To add pineapple, that gratuitously schizophrenic item, so insecure about its place in the culinary that it cannot make up its mind if it is sweet or tart, moist or fibrous, fruit or vegetable defiles the artwork.

    Its soggy presence oozing weeping sweetness, its bulk festering boils in the characteristic texture and its mass redefining time honoured oven times until a mundane adaption is reached. One that ultimately becomes the lowest common denominator of foodstuffs.

    A bittersweet mush, not quite cooked through and no longer crisp – bleeding its sickening syrup into the cardboard based box.



  3. I find this whole pineapple thing hysterical coming as it does in tweetstreams full of intensely important world issues and local politics! I used to sneer at people with a predilection for pineapple on their pizza as I felt they just weren’t serious pizza fans – but I’ve come around, due to the influence of the Drag0nista to be far more understanding. The years my mother lived in Queensland were years of eating pineapple sandwiches – albeit fresh not the beautiful sacchariny, teeth rotting Golden Circle, so I have a Pineapple Past as we ate them as children. Of course no serious Australian burger with the lot would be without an egg, pineapple and beetroot. Am starting to feel Pineapple Passion is a Patriotic Duty.


  4. Am a proud pineapple-on-pizza supporter. And it’s much more versatile than just the standard (but still awesome) Ham & Pineapple pizza – is great when combined with a really spicy pepperoni, or on a seafood pizza (along with a bit of mango). Have never understood why people seem to have such an aversion. Also, Crust gourmet H&P FTW!


  5. Proud Pinapple Promoter,
    Could it be more the mere coincidence that Pinapple matches other ‘P’ foods?
    Pig, Pizza, Pumpkin, Sweet Potato (Partially a P) and while I haven’t tried it on Pringles I am sure that would work too. Wouldn’t be here without the SEQ Pineapple industry. Sign me up!!


  6. Pineapple is the food of the Gods. It is sweet, yet tangy, Luscious and juicy. It’s not only these things- to top it off , it’s good for you too. On pizza it adds a delicious piquancy on the palate. Bliss.


  7. Pineapple has its place. It’s the rough end of metaphor, the butt of a kids’ joke. It’s in our rotating 2 liter container of breakfast stewed fruit, and never out of the house. Just not on pizza.


  8. For me, Yes Pineapple on pizza.
    Also, pineapple ring in burger or sandwich.
    I also like, (canned, crushed pineapple in juice) as an extra with pasta dishes. Any of the beef/meat based pastas, lassegna , spaghetti bolegnes is really good with crushed pineapple scooped staight out of the can.

    Crushed pineapple is also good at bbq`s. Drop some on the hot-plate next to onions and mushrooms. Add the partially cooked/hot pineapple to steak sandwiches or sausages in bread/roll along with onions/mushrooms to taste.


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