The beginning of the campaign was all education, healthcare, negative gearing and badly behaved banks. That’s Labor territory — so it took a far-right Abbottista to bring the conversation back to solid Coalition ground.

The Political Weekly: Tony Abbott tries to make the best of a very bad situation.

The Prime Minister isn’t fooling anyone when he sings Tony Abbott’s praises.

The political weekly: Politics escalated from fantasy to farce this week as the Labor opposition tried to find ways to trip up the tyro Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and his shiny new ministry.

The Political Weekly: A flash of anger and a terrible joke headline our weekly review of Australian politics.

The Political Weekly: The PM can’t shake Choppergate, while Labor continues to refuse to implode, rather unhelpfully.

As the Labor left discovered at the party’s conference this weekend, it’s much easier to advance progressive policies while in a successful government than it is in a barely-trusted opposition.

The Political Weekly: Tony Abbott knew a big story was just around the corner. All he had to do was wait.

If Labor gets its boats policy wrong, there is one party waiting to scoop up the unhappy voters, and it’s not led by Tony Abbott.

The Political Weekly: There were few winners in politics this week, but the Treasurer was definitely one of them.