Patsys, players and the future of Australia’s political media

Here’s my latest post for the AusVotes 2013 federal election blog…

The most significant thing that emerged from the mea culpas and post mortems that littered the coup-that-wasn’t battlefield was the notion that journalists are willing to be made patsys.

What other explanation can there be for the role the media played in the Rudd camp’s most recent premature leadership tourney?

Seasoned journalists proved yet again their willingness to publicly be made to look fools in return for being able to participate in private leadership maneuverings.

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Introducing AusVotes 2013

Dear readers

Instead of whingeing about the deficiencies of traditional media during this year’s federal election campaign, I thought it would make more sense to produce and showcase the types of information and analysis we think are missing.

That’s the basic premise for a group blog that I established just a fortnight ago, AusVotes 2013.

So far we have 20 writers, many of whom have their own blogs, and who between them bring a wide range of political philosophies and professional backgrounds to the examination of the 2013 federal election.

Over 30 posts have been published to date, generating around 15,000 hits, and covering a range of policy issues as well as discussion of the roles of traditional and social media.

I initially thought the site would be a six week project, during the election campaign proper. But with the election date being announced with such a long lead time, it will now be a seven month project!

So if you’re wondering where Drag0nista has got to, or why she’s not posting here as often as usual, just head over to AusVotes 2013 and you will find me there.