The Political Weekly: The Opposition Leader found a new way to help boost flagging poll ratings, but unforeseen circumstances threatened to derail his progress.

To many observers, it was merely a matter of time before Ms Milne acceded to the combined forces of internal pressure from her colleagues and external pressure from critics like those at the Australia Institute, and declared an end to her time as leader.

Labor’s pointless ‘Lie a day’ campaign. Weekly post for The Hoopla.

RIP carbon tax: What next? 2nd post this week for The Hoopla.

Tax repeal: Will Clive pull another swifty? This week’s post for The Hoopla.

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I seem to be on a roll with Kevin posts at the moment… Here’s my post for AusVotes 2013, where I canvass the four problem issues that Rudd has neutralised in preparation for an election that I predict will take place on 31 August.

Whether we like it or not, 2013 is going to be the year of the broken promise. While it’s hard to believe there remains even one voter not yet reached by Tony Abbott’s campaign to brand Julia Gillard a venal oath-breaker, there still remain enough politically disengaged Australians to decide the election. And we can […]