There is a world of difference between aggression and assertiveness. One is a negative approach; the other is positive. One incites fear and retaliation; the other encourages mutual respect.

Behind the scenes the PM’s chief of staff ran the show, but now she finds herself on the outer after Tony Abbott’s ousting.

She may be Abbott’s fiercest ally but is Peta Credlin doing him more harm than good? Post for The New Daily.

Tony Abbott’s defence of Peta Credlin against what he says are sexist attacks from his own MPs shows a breathtaking lack of self-reflection.

It may be true, as one columnist noted on the weekend, that it was Peta Credlin who drew up Abbott’s successful strategy in opposition, and that the perception in “the prime minister’s office” right now is that a panicking party has forgotten “who put it in power”. But a great strategist in opposition does not necessarily make a competent Chief of Staff in government, or one that is able to adequately perform all of its functions.

Do we need to know about Peta Credlin? Weekly post for The Hoopla.