Did the PM bluff state leaders in order to skip out on an $80 billion funding bill?

The Political Weekly: Voters can react very badly to discovering their new leader is not the shiny and perfect model expected, but riddled with faults and flaws that renders them only a pale imitation of the political hero that was advertised on the outside of the box. For The New Daily.  

The Political Weekly: The Opposition has the week from Hell while the PM looks to turn back the Turnbulls.

And then there was one. In the Senate, at least. Palmer United Party’s Glenn Lazarus announced overnight that he’d left PUP to become an independent, leaving the party with only one vote in the upper house. Lazarus made the announcement via Facebookand Twitter just after midnight, noting this was a difficult decision and hinting at irreconcilable differences with party leader […]

Nick Xenophon has emerged as the go-to man for striking a deal with the Senate crossbench. Article for The New Daily.

The motley crew of independent, micro and minor party senators has been a constant headache for the Abbott Government and one that it must come to terms with in 2015.

Revisit the political year that kept the climate of our national parliament intemperate, even while the seasons changed outside. Feature for The Brief.

Clive Palmer’s bullying attempts to bring his rogue senator into line will sit uncomfortably with voters who prefer to see him as a benevolent maverick. Post for Guardian Australia.

There is no question that Jacqui Lambie will soon be on the crossbench as an independent, but there’s a lot at stake when it comes to how she gets there.

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 6.06.06 pmThe circus has come to town. First post for ABC’s The_Brief.