Tonight I’ve been talking books with @rosepowell and @margotdate on Twitter. I love, love, love books: once I could easily get lost in a book to the exclusion of all else. I remember when, at times, I would sequester books like a squirrel in a pile beside my bed, waiting for the end of semester […]

Twitter is such a great place to explore the boundaries of one’s understanding, argue about footy, mock other people harmlessly (although sometimes harmfully, to our chagrin) and to share cute photos. Never in a thousand years would the originators of Twitter (@jack, @biz and @ev) have realised what their micro messaging/blogging platform would do to […]

I don’t remember exactly when I first realised I was fearless. Perhaps it was that time ten years ago when I became aware that two dishevelled teenage girls were waiting to roll me for cash outside a public toilet. Instead of cowering in the cubicle, I thought “well, this should be interesting” and boldly stepped […]

Apparently I joined Twitter on 25 December 2008. I don’t remember doing it. It’s fair to say that this time two years ago I was counting down my final days. I’d decided the circumstances under which I would end my life. It’s not that I had nothing to live for. I had a very successful […]