If there was a theme running through the shambles that was politics this past week, it was self-delusion.

The beginning of the campaign was all education, healthcare, negative gearing and badly behaved banks. That’s Labor territory — so it took a far-right Abbottista to bring the conversation back to solid Coalition ground.

Behind the scenes, politicians’ minders will be working overtime during the election to win you over.

Jobs and growth is a catchy mantra, but is not enough for election triumph.

In matching or co-opting some of Labor’s initiatives in the budget, the Government will hope to neutralise the Opposition’s attack and clear the battlefield of all but the key points of differentiation before the election.

The party that proves the best at juggling economic prowess with fairness will enjoy almost certain electoral victory.

The latest developments in the union corruption and corporate malfeasance bunfights have cast a shadow over the legitimacy of Malcolm Turnbull’s rush to a double dissolution. Weekly column for The Drum.

The key election issue will not be union governance, despite what the PM is saying. For The New Daily.

Did the PM bluff state leaders in order to skip out on an $80 billion funding bill?

The Political Weekly: Voters can react very badly to discovering their new leader is not the shiny and perfect model expected, but riddled with faults and flaws that renders them only a pale imitation of the political hero that was advertised on the outside of the box. For The New Daily.