It’s likely no-one would have predicted the Greens would be the ones to outsmart not only the Government and Opposition but also the try-hards on the Senate crossbench by getting the highest media profile.

The power of women voters cannot, and should not, be underestimated. Hell hath no fury like a female voter scorned.

Preference deals serve many agendas. When it comes to the allocation of preferences at Australian elections, no party can claim to have clean hands.

The Political Weekly: The Opposition Leader found a new way to help boost flagging poll ratings, but unforeseen circumstances threatened to derail his progress.

The Political Weekly: Ministers tread on thin ice as Labor waits for a penalty rates mis-step.

The Political Weekly: The PM can’t shake Choppergate, while Labor continues to refuse to implode, rather unhelpfully.

If Labor gets its boats policy wrong, there is one party waiting to scoop up the unhappy voters, and it’s not led by Tony Abbott.

The new Greens leader has been in the job for months, and his stock is building. Is Richard Di Natale the Messiah?