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So here we are, only three weeks after an election at which voters made it clear we’d grown tired of the major parties and their shenanigans. And yet the silly political games continue. A record 23 per cent of Australians voted for candidates from non-major parties this election. Instead of recognising this voting trend as […]


Only 30 per cent of members of the Australian Parliament are women and that’s just not good enough.

Everything you need to know about Bill Shorten’s campaign and how it will affect you.

The power of women voters cannot, and should not, be underestimated. Hell hath no fury like a female voter scorned.

Preference deals serve many agendas. When it comes to the allocation of preferences at Australian elections, no party can claim to have clean hands.

Morrison budget 2016

Jobs and growth is a catchy mantra, but is not enough for election triumph.

Drum 2 May

In matching or co-opting some of Labor’s initiatives in the budget, the Government will hope to neutralise the Opposition’s attack and clear the battlefield of all but the key points of differentiation before the election.

The key election issue will not be union governance, despite what the PM is saying. For The New Daily.

Turnbull Rudd

Malcolm Turnbull is trying to hurt Labor by recasting health and education spending as a measure of good economic management. It’s a strategy that could work (or fail) spectacularly. Weekly column for The Drum.

The Government is playing small target politics while the Opposition is putting its policies on show, and a double-dissolution election is suddenly looking just that little bit more plausible. Weekly column for The Drum.