Can the Greens step down from their pedestal now?

Yes, it was a devastating drubbing for the NSW Labor Party. It was also a well-deserved loss after years of incompetence and less than truthful dealings with the NSW public.

But that wasn’t the story for me. All I wanted to know was how the Greens fared. No, I don’t have an unhealthy obsession with the Greens. But as I explained in the previous post, suggestions that swathes of voters are deserting the Labor ship for the Greens are Just. Plain. Wrong.

The Greens fielded a candidate in every seat. While Labor suffered a 17% swing against them, the Greens failed to pick up more than a 1.4% swing to them. Even in the upper house they only managed a 1.85% swing in their favour.

I’ve been told the Greens’ vote suffered from the poor quality of candidates on offer. Sorry, that excuse doesn’t fly.

Every single political operative in Australia has known for the past four years that the NSW election would be held on 26 March 2011. There has been plenty of time for the Greens to organise decent candidates. The Liberal Party did; hell even the National Party managed to do so.

And why is it that when the Greens do well, it is all about the superiority of their values and policies, but when they do less well it is about their poor candidates?