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Malcolm Turnbull has a one-off (if not entirely deserved) opportunity to reinvent his government, re-set voter expectations, and deliver policies befitting, dare we say, an innovative Government.

If Bill Shorten concludes that Labor’s best hope for electoral success is to remain on the attack, then he needs to refine his methods for doing so.

Shorten: Do we want another Abbott? Weekly post for The Hoopla.

Relentless negativity isn’t the only path to electoral success, a fact that Bill Shorten appears to understand as he carefully picks his battles with the Abbott Government.

Take control of the toddlers, Tony. Weekly post for The Hoopla.

Bill who? Regular post for The Hoopla.

Once Labor gathers together the detritus of its parliamentary wing following the federal election and selects a new leader, it will need to decide what kind of Federal Opposition it is going to be.

For political analysts and pundits alike, Tony Abbott is the Impossible Opposition Leader. Never before have we seen an alternative prime minister run such a relentlessly negative campaign for so long. Big on three-word slogans but small on policy detail, Abbott has single-mindedly focused on running Labor into the ground since he beat silvertail Liberal […]