Another day, another opinion poll, another round of speculation as to what the tea leaves really mean.

Today’s Newspoll will be studied closely, as usual, by political observers hoping to get a handle on what voters think of the shenanigans in Canberra. And what that might mean for the future of Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

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It’s usually only after a monumental failure that a politician sets out to recreate him or herself, yet the new social services minister Scott Morrison is looking to change things up despite achieving what is considered by many Australians to be a political success.

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Abbott’s war on terror has bought his leadership some extra time. But will Muslim leaders’ reaction mean it’s the beginning of the end? Article for TheHoopla.

We already know Prime Minister Tony Abbott is not one for subtlety. And that desperate times call for desperate measures. But the PM’s declaration last weekend of a “war on doubt” took unashamed manipulation of the Australian public to a whole new level. Article for The Hoopla.

Until Abbott accepts that at the heart of his government’s woes is a reform agenda seen as misguided and unfair, his prime ministership remains in peril. Article for The Hoopla.

Despite renewed promises to consult with colleagues and listen to voters, the address by Prime Minister Tony Abbott to the National Press Club was an affirmation of his government’s reform agenda more than willingness to reform himself. Article for The Hoopla.

Does Tony Abbott combine Gillard’s bad political judgement with Rudd’s madness? Weekly article for The Hoopla.

The Queensland election offers the spectacle of a conservative government headed by a deeply unpopular leader facing off with a still-shellshocked Labor headed by an almost invisible opposition leader.  It makes perfect sense to view these proceedings as a possible forbearer of the federal election to come. Weekly article for The Hoopla.

Obama’s doing it. So’s Abbott. Repackaging their PR as “news” to avoid media scrutiny. Weekly column for The Hoopla.

In a world of cookie-cutter politicians with little real life experience before entering parliament, new Health Minister Sussan Ley stands apart from the rest. Column for The Hoopla.