After an eight-week campaign it’s understandable if you have switched off. Here’s how you can catch up before making the big decision.

It may not look like it at times, but election campaigns are planned to the tiniest level of detail. Yet they can be easily derailed by an unexpected appearance by a ghost or two from the past, as we dramatically saw this week. A calendar of campaign events and announcements is developed months before the […]

Both leaders had their share of campaign challenges this week, but only one seemed to be genuinely enjoying himself despite the turbulence.

Behind the scenes, politicians’ minders will be working overtime during the election to win you over.

The key election issue will not be union governance, despite what the PM is saying. For The New Daily.

Did the PM bluff state leaders in order to skip out on an $80 billion funding bill?

Bill Shorten’s speech on Tuesday will aim to deepen the policy divide between the Coalition and Labor. Analysis for The New Daily.