Why has new Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull – an early adopter of social media and a prolific app user – nearly vanished from Twitter?

The Unfortunate Case of the PM’s Spam. Latest post for The Hoopla.

I’ve written before that Twitter has become an unexpected school of politics, providing a unique forum for people with less knowledge of our civic processes to learn from those with more. When those discussions are taking place, Twitter is vibrant and all-embracing democracy at its best. Well, Wednesday night was NOT one of those times. […]

Here’s my latest at AusVotes 2013… Modern journalism is impoverished by the anachronistic need to be first. Once upon a time, in the pre-internet days of the mechanical printing press and morning edition newspapers, there was real value in getting a story first. A scoop, leak or exclusive wasn’t just about journalistic cachet, it was […]

Let’s face it: Australian politics is in a bad state. Politicians spew spin-doctored soundbites, journalists hyperbolise truth into click-fodder, and television talking heads blare contrarian rhetoric at each other’s unlistening faces. Meanwhile, the community’s political conversation is equally impoverished: reduced in most cases to debating the appearance, flaws and proclivities of our national leaders. It’s […]

I wrote a post about the partisan behaviour of @PMOPressOffice – can it be a trusted information source AND a faceless troll? You can read the post by clicking here and heading over to Storify …..

The people who discuss Australian politics on Twitter seem to pride themselves on their antipodean egalitarianism. While you’d like to think this means a fair go for all, it’s more likely to be the justification for bringing anyone with an ounce of hubris down a peg or two. The more self-centred the target, the more […]

There are many important issues discussed in the part of Twitter that focuses on Australian politics and current affairs. It is important that a Royal Commission has been called into institutionalised abuse of children. The conduct and outcome of the US Presidential election does have implications for Australia. The mainstream media clearly has a blind […]

Here’s my latest piece for the King’s Tribune… I saw a forlorn tweet the other day, saying “we found Jill Meagher, now let’s find …..” using the name of another missing person. Occasional retweets of the plea bobbed like flotsam in my timeline for a while, then became lost in a torrent of condemnation over […]

I can’t remember the first time I started chatting to this particular person on Twitter. It was early days in my Twitter-lifetime, and I probably started following him because I thought his name was cool. Then I saw from his Twitter profile that he worked for the Greens. That was no issue for me: I […]